Planning Committee

Richard Wang, MIT CDOIQ

Richard Y. Wang is Director of the MIT Chief Data Officer and Information Quality (CDOIQ) Program....

Boh Wai Fong, Nanyang Business School

Wai Fong Boh is President’s Chair and Professor of Information Systems at Nanyang Technological University...

Ram Kumar, Cigna

Ram Kumar is the Chief Data and Analytics Officer of Cigna’s International Markets where he is...

Chua Buck Cheng, NTU Events Office


Neumann Chew, NTU Nanyang Business School

Neumann Chew C.H. was previously Principal and Head of Analytics at SAS Institute where he...

Margaret Chen, NTU Events Office


Katherina Lee, Nanyang Business School


Dr. Richard Wang

Co-chair of the Asia-Pacific CDOIQ Symposium
Executive Director of the MIT CDOIQ Program

Prof. Wai Fong Boh

Co-chair of the Asia-Pacific CDOIQ Symposium
Deputy Dean, Nanyang Business School

Ram Kumar

Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Cigna

Buck Cheng Chua

Head, NTU Events Office

Neumann Chew

Senior Lecturer, NTU Nanyang Business School

Margaret Chen Sui Si

Manager, NTU Events Office